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This magical place with an ambiance of fiesta, music and tradition captures the imagination of everyone who visits by conjuring up memories of Mexico in its golden age. Decorated with motifs from the 32 States of Mexico, the famous trajineras, that were once used for transporting flowers, fruits and vegetables grown in floating gardens, have become a means of transportation and a cause of joy for all those who come to Xoximilco searching for a unique moment they can only experience here in Cancun, in a modern version of the legendary cruise through the canals, with the colors and the charm of those magical moments we hold dear.

Your admission to Xoximilco includes:
A nighttime cruise on board a trajinera
Dinner with the best of Mexican cuisine
Open bar with tequila, beer, fruit flavored beverages and sodas
Different ensembles playing traditional live music such as: mariachi, bolero trio, jarocho quartet and marimba.
Open Monday to Saturday from 7:00 to 12:00 p.m.
Access at 6:30p.m.
Approximate duration: 3 hours

Children age 5 and older
Bring comfortable clothes
Book in advance to ensure your admission
Bring cash, so you can go back home with a souvenir

Important information:
Trajineras have a maximum capacity of 20 passengers.
Reservations canceled 15 days or more prior to arrival date are subject to a charge of 20%, from 14 to 4 days before arrival will be charged 50%. Reservations canceled from 3 to 0 days before date of arrival or in case on No shows, will not be refunded.

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    Xochimilco, which in náhuatl means “Field of flowers”, is defined by a series of water canals that existed since pre-Hispanic times when lakes and lagoons made up almost the entire Valley of Mexico and disappeared with the passing of time. The main activity in those canals, surrounded by flowers and chinampas (floating gardens), was agriculture, and the produce was transported in trajineras to the main markets in the city. Chinampas go back all the way to pre- Hispanic times and are a clear example of the agricultural development the Mexicas had reached, a very ingenious system of artificial gardens created in the lakes made with layers of trunks, mud, roots and soil which can still be seen today in the south of Mexico City. Due to their beauty and incredible landscapes, Xochimilco´s canals became increasingly popular, and with time the trajineras went through several transformations to please visitors: they were decorated with flower arches and a roof was added as well as a table with chairs to enjoy the view comfortably. Later on, names were included to celebrate a certain important date or simply to please the person who would be coming on board. Thus, Xochimilco turned into a place of festivities, filled with music, color, tradition, cuisine and culture. Xochimilco, is one of the main tourist attractions in Mexico and has been declared a Cultural Heritage for Humanity by the UNESCO, which together with its floating gardens and trajineras is a window through which the world sees Mexico City, a model of national identity, a grand display of culture and tradition. Xoximilco emerges in Cancun as a tribute to the beauty and grandeur of this member of the Cultural Heritage for Humanity list; where you will be able to experience the traditions of central Mexico in a Caribbean Paradise. Under a star-filled sky and with tropical weather, on board a picturesque trajinera decorated with the elements from each state, you will travel through time in a true Mexican fiesta with live music, gastronomy, flowers and in the best company.

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    Xoximilco is located 5 minutes from Cancun´s International Airport and 35 minutes from Playa del Carmen in the Cancun – Chetumal Highway. You can arrive on your own or through our Xoximilco Tour from the comfort of your hotel, both requiring a previous reservation. Transfer time From: Cancun - 20 minutes Airport - 5 minutes Moon Palace Hotel - 5 minutes Puerto Morelos - 15 minutes Playa del Carmen - 35 minutes

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