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It was the craziest weekend we had experienced in a long time. Everything we had planned to do in 2 months was suddenly cramped into 4 days. That’s just what you have to deal with sometimes, so you go with flow, no matter how demanding. We had to move into our new home in Amarte and turn it into a livable place, and at the same time we were producing a promotional video with close to 20 different scenes and the same amount of extras.

The 1st obstacle we found on our path was no running water in the kitchen and an empty gas tank. How was Honza going to provide catering to all our extras? The faucet got easily repaired, but the gas tank we had to have filled, driving some 40 kilometers, way behind Playa del Carmen, to the gas company. Oh well, ni modo.

Ni modo are the 2 most important Spanish words you learn here in Mexico. It means roughly: no other way, or, that’s the way it is. You can’t change the situation, so with a smile a Mexican will say: Ni modo!

The 2nd impediment we had to face was that we had to get up at 4.30 a.m. to shoot the time-lapse sunrise. The early hour wouldn’t have been so bad, weren’t it for the fact that we had slept only 4 hours because the previous night we were busy shooting an evening scene and going over the detailed productions schedule.
The sleep deprivation was well worth it, because we witnessed a glorious sunrise.

Shortly after the recording we received a panicked call from our cameraman. He had fucked up, almost crashed his computer, and we had to reshoot the sunrise. Breathe, smile and say: “Ni modo!”

As if we weren’t busy enough, we also had to – in between filming, catering and chauffeuring – show our old house to prospective tenants, and receive guests from our B&B in our new hotel and make them feel welcome and at home. They had read my books and had followed my blogs, so they were very excited to be part of our new adventure.
The last shooting day was the most challenging. Not only did we have to reshoot the sunrise time-lapse again and get up very early, we also had to coordinate many scenes with a large amount of extras, who all arrived at different times during the day, and all received a tour of hotel Amarte and our new house.
Thanks to the right hand of the owners, a friendly and helpful man called ‘El Gato Negro’, our beach club Lolita was perfectly set up as the place where our guests could enjoy a glass of wine, a delicious buffet prepared by Honza and some happy dance tunes, which our camera man had recorded in his own creative style.

We were very pleased with the result, and fortunately the owners as well. Our cameraman was able to capture the beauty we see in Amarte Maroma, and the atmosphere we want to offer our guest. When I first heard the music our cameraman had chosen I got goose bumps all over. Of all the arias, he had picked the one that I just started studying;  Ombra Mai Fu.

I’m still working on the editing job for the full version, but the teaser is finished.

Please enjoy!

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Paula Liebe was born and raised in Holland. She could read by the age of four and continued to devour books in many languages throughout her life. After obtaining her degree as an environmental engineer she started to travel to India and Brazil in order to study yoga and shamanism. Eventually she was guided to Mexico, where she seriously started to write about her life, knowing that eventually her adventures would turn into a book. Thirteen years after her arrival to Playa del Carmen she had lived so many adventures that only three books were enough to cover her story: The Queen's Trilogy. Paula still lives in Mexico, happily married to her childhood sweetheart. She dedicates herself to teaching yoga, performing with her '30s style Cabaret show and living enough spiritual and sensual adventures to write her next book: The Queen's Revolution.

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